Last Updated: October 20, 2016

Skill Game Tournaments

Chess tournaments, a popular skill game , but what about other skill games?

Of course there are other kinds of tournaments! like Backgammon tournaments and Mahjong tournaments, Pool tournaments and many others; and on the web there are even more.

As a matter of fact there are many popular tourneys online, listing bellow are the most reputable ones.

A number of places devote themselves to one basic game, much like online poker rooms. Here you will find Skill Ground, Game Colony and World Winner, also Backgammon, Mahjong, Rummy and Spades. You can write a book about each of these games - but they are easy to learn and perfect for tournaments. The rules are really easy, but with practice you will grow and continue to learn more more details about the game and about how to play against different opponents.

Ever wondered if you have that talent and skill to succeed at different skill games? The answer is closer then you think, as now its very easy to play many games of skill online, Playing skill games for cash against other players has become very popular recently, The uniqueness of a skill game is that the game’s outcome is predominantly determined by players' level of skill and not by chance , and if your talented with skill games, it will give you the opportunity to actually make money over the long-term , opposite to casino games where the "house " always wins over the long term. That's why were seeing a rise in professionals that make their living of skill gaming. Games of skill include Backgammon, Gin Rummy, Mahjong and Solitaire.

Skill Games Tournaments and bonuses Review
rummyroyal $30,000 multi table tournament Sunday,Sunday, March 14th, 2010 Rummy Royal
Play65 40% bonus (up to $200) on your first deposit - by using Play65 bonus code GET200 Play 65
Play89 20% bonus (up to $20) on your first deposit bonus code POOL20 Play 89

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Every day they are holding two $10 Freeroll Tournaments. These are great opportunities to put your skill into action while playing your skill real money rummy games – For FREE! To register for the Daily Freerolls, all you need to do is click on the Real Mode Tab, Multi-Tourney section and look for the $10 Daily Freeroll Tournaments. Winners Do Take All!

Made it into the "In the money" list? Win a share of the pool prize in one of these freerolls and claim your very own $10 Freeroll Winner Bonus on your first deposit on top of your Freeroll Prize and 100% Welcome Bonus.




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A backgammon tournament is a competition, which involves a relatively large number of backgammon players at the same game table. Backgammon tournaments contain multiple matches, each involving a subset of competitors. The overall backgammon tournament winner will be determined based on the combined results of those individual matches




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A Pool tournament is a competition, which involves a number of Pool players. Pool tournaments contain multiple matches. The tournament is run in a cup format consisting of a quarter final, semi final, etc. The overall pool tournament winner will be determined based on the results of those individual matches.

Play89™ offers a variety of pool tournaments for any pool player, who wishes to play against several opponents. Play89™'s daily or monthly pool tournaments include: